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Congratulations! You've just taken the first step toward becoming an Eco-Warrior, a better speaker, the winner of $5,000 and a chance to spend a day with James Cameron! Now for your next steps:

On WordsThatShookTheWorld.com you will see an overall Eco-Warrior Competition with 4 topics. We would love to have you participate in that. The deadline for submitting videos, on those 4 topics, is Earth Day, April 22, 2010. The Semi Finals will begin Friday, May 7 and the live Finals will be Friday, May 21.


And on April 17, 2010 we are pleased to announce The "New York City Schools AVATAR AWARDS", to be presented by James Cameron himself. Student Topic: "An Environmental Lesson I Learned From AVATAR and How To Apply It In My Community, New York City, America and/or The World". Teacher Topic: How I Plan to Apply The Lessons of AVATAR to My Curriculum To Educate and Inspire Students to Make A Positive Contribution to Society and The World

Here's how you become eligible to win $5,000 for 1st place, $2,500 for 2nd place, $1,000 for 3rd place and $500 for 4 - 10th place.

1. Learn how to write and give great speeches. Go to the Competition Website, www.WordsThatShookTheWorld.com and click the secret link (microphone in top right corner) to view the DVD "The 5 Communication Secrets that Swept Obama to The Presidency". Click the word "WORDS" (in top left corner) for the Workbook.

2. SHOOT YOUR VIDEO. Check out www.WordsThatShookTheWorld.com/video.htm or simply WRITE A 250 WORD ESSAY on the subject.

3. UPLOAD your video at http://www2.schooltube.com/Contests/WordsThatShookTheWorld.aspx or submit your 250 essay to avatar@wordsthatshooktheworld.com

Questions? Email us at mailto:info@wordsthatshooktheworld.com