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Presentations that creatively address and bring awareness to challenges to the environment and/or “Environmental Solutions” using music and/or art.

Sample Ideas, Service Projects and Innovations for the
2 - 3 Minute Competition Videos

Great communicators inspire people and empower them to take action, through words of course and also through art and music. This is a a chance to showcase your artistic talents for the good of the planet.

There are so many actions that you can take, to make a difference in your communities, New York and/or the world. Here are just a few suggestions of what you can do to bring awareness to Environmental Solutions. So, go through the other Competition pages and learn about them and the suggested projects and do your research. Then, pick a topic that might inspire YOU to create a fantastic and compelling 2-3 minute video. Feel free to talk or sing or paint or create a film about something that is not on any of the lists or something that is so cool and creative that nobody has ever thought of it before!! Remember, the videos will be judged on the creativity, innovation and overall content of your "Environmental Solution" as well as your ability to communicate them via your art. "The 5 Secrets" DVD may be helpful as great artists are also great communicators . . . they are just not limited to words, voice tone and body language!

Here are some of the ways you can communicate YOUR "Environmental Solution"

1. YouTube styled videos of students singing original songs or performing poems/original spoken word pieces

2. Music videos

3. Video montages of paintings or photography

4. Video essays

5. Short documentaries on the environment.

OK. Now Go to HOW TO WIN for tips on how to Research, Prepare, Deliver and Upload Your Speech