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"MY MESSAGE FOR AMERICA - Why _____ Should Be The Next President of The United States"

Voting for the man, or woman that will occupy The Oval Office in The White House is one of the most important things we do as citizens.

But, even if you are too young to vote, YOU may have a chance to help elect your favorite candidate for the 2008 Presidential Primaries and the General Election.

So, watch these videos, taken from every Presidential Candidate's web site, and make YOUR choice. Who appeals to you? Who do YOU want to lead our country? Then, tell us WHY! With Passion and conviction.

These videos will spread throughout cyberspace. Some of them will probably be featured on blogs and at least the winners - for each candidate - will be featured on the candidates' own web sites.

You CAN have some influence.

Maybe those who watch this will see YOU as an up and coming political leader. Maybe the candidates will want YOU to be a part of their campaigns.

So, check these out, get informed and get ready to SPEAK YOUR MIND. Your vote may not yet be counted, but your voice will be heard!!

Click on the candidates names or pictures to view their speeches:


Sen. Joe Biden

Sen. Hillary Clinton

Sen. Christopher Dodd

Sen. John Edwards

Sen. Mike Gravel

Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Sen. Barack Obama

Gov. Bill Richardson


Sen. Sam Brownback

Gov. Jim Gilmore

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Rep. Duncan Hunter

Sen. John McCain

Rep. Ron Paul

Gov. Mitt Romney

Rep. Tom Tancredo

Sen. Fred Thompson

Gov. Tommy Thompson