Reviews of the Book

"A terrific work"
Larry King, host of CNN's Larry King Live

"Words That Shook The World is the most eloquent of gifts to a turbulent century."
Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball"

"A gift to the world"
Leigh Taylor Young, Actress

"Was captivated by the CD. I had not heard many of these speeches and had not heard the rest of them for many years. Listening to them had a big impact on me. For anyone interested in history there is simply no substitute for hearing these amazing words directly from the great figures of our age. To read about Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King without listening to their voices is to miss their essence.What comes through every one of the 20 selected speeches is that, pure and simple, language is power. This fascinating book helps restore great speeches to their central place in our understanding of history."
Jonathon Alter, Senior Editor, Columnist, Newsweek

"What a stellar book... congratulations. I cannot tear myself away from it."
Bernard Spigner, "The Bernard Spigner Show" WCTC-AM, New Brunswick, NJ

"It is my fondest wish that every American schoolchild will read these superb enduring addresses and remember some of the great moments in history."
Helen Thomas, Hearst Newspaper White House Reporter

"My 11 year old daughter and I read the book and listened to the speeches together. After finishing it she came to me and said, 'Dad, can we get another speech book?'"
Jerry Bowyer, "The Jerry Bowyer Show", WPTT-AM, McKee Rocks, PA

Hal Fishman, Anchor, KTLA Television, Los Angeles

"The words chosen for this power-packed book are uplifting speeches given in memorable moments by individuals who are, or should be, role models for our kids and all of us."
Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor, "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

"Words That Shook The World is a must-have . . . What makes his book special is how the authors take the reader so deeply inside these different times in history, inside the speaker's life, and inside each speech to show exactly why it is so compelling. If you love speeches, or just appreciate great words, you will love this book."
Andrew Carroll, co-editor, "In Our Own Words" and editor of The New York Times bestseller "War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars"

"In a word -- wow. We had a $3,000 goal for the hour you joined us and instead we raised $5,000!"
Kelly Pound Hawley, Producer, "The Glenn Mitchell Show", NPR Affiliate KERA 90.1 FM, Dallas, TX

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
"Men since the beginning of time have sought peace... all in turn have failed, leaving the only path to be by way of the crucible of war.... If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door," warned General Douglas MacArthur in his legendary 1945 radio address after the surrender of Japan. His and other great speeches of the past century by the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana and others are reprinted (with some abridgment) in Words That Shook the World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events. Editor Richard Greene, a speech analyst and consultant, offers blow-by-blow analysis next to each paragraph of the speeches, explaining what it is about the rhythm and diction of the sentences that makes them so effective. Two accompanying audio CDs offer original sound clips.
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Jonathon Alter, Senior Editor, Columnist, Newsweek
This fascinating book helps restore great speeches to their central place in our understanding of history.

Book Description
History comes alive through the voices of the great leaders and newsmakers and in the photos of the biggest events of the past 100 years. From Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy to Martin Luther King, Jr. and General Douglas MacArthur, Words That Shook the World is a collection of history-shaping speeches by some of the worldÕs most exceptional orators.

Each speech is placed in its historical and personal context within the life and times of its author and the event. To enhance the experience, headlines and contemporaneous press coverage will give readers a glimpse into the popular and critical reception the speech received. The verbatim text of each speech plus running commentary by the author highlights key points and explains what made each speech so successful. Two hundred photographs complement these oratorical achievements and enhance readersÕ visual memories, while two audio CDs containing the most compelling sections from the 21 speeches--all but one of them (sorry Theodore Roosevelt was not recorded in 1903!) in the speakersÕ own voices--allow readers to appreciate their full spine-chilling power.

Especially appealing to history buffs and a strong holiday gift title, Words That Shook the World is a major addition to a proven popular category.

About the Author
Richard Greene a lawyer by training, is one of the leading communications coaches in the world. He has worked with CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies, senators, presidential candidates, prime ministers, at least one princess (Diana), and other celebrities. His corporate client list includes J. P. Morgan, CitiBank, NBC, ESPN, and The Walt Disney Company to name a few. Richard has appeared on CNN, NBC and ABC National News, Nightline, and Good Morning America. As MSNBCÕs and Fox News ChannelÕs political speech analyst, he covered the 1996 and 2000 Republican and Democratic National conventions and analyzed the presidential debates for USA Today. Richard has offices in Malibu, CA. Anthony Robbins is the author of the national best-sellers Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, as well as the personal development audio series, Personal Power.