There are 5 things that Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Barbara Jordan and all GREAT speakers do that others don't. Do even one of these better than you have and you, and everyone else, will notice a big difference.

Secret #1: The great speakers understand that words only create 7% of the impact they make on a small or large audience. Voice tone - varying the volume, pace and pitch of their voice, punc-tu-a-ting the important words and syllables and pausing actually contribute 38%. And, body language - standing tall, making decisive gestures, great eye contact and your overall energy make up a whopping 55% of how you impact and move others!

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Secret #2: All great speakers have what I call a "Lasered, Compelling Message", not a bunch of facts or random points that they throw out like throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping that something will stick. "Ask not what your country can do for you . . . ", "The only thing to fear is fear itself", "I have a dream" - these are lasered messages, and certainly were compelling. What is THE single most important point you want your audience to walk out knowing. Start with that and weave it through your entire speech!

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Secret #3: Connect! Have a "Conversation WITH" your audience as opposed to a "Performance AT" or even a "Presentation TO" them. Envelop them with your body language, use a conversational tone of voice, talk with them like everyone is sitting with you in your living room. This was the secret of FDR's "Fireside Chats" and a big part of the magic of Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton.

AND... Do you have a fear of public speaking???
If so, THIS is the secret to help you get over it. "Public Speaking" is nothing more than having a "Conversation" about something you care about... while you just happen to be standing up!"

Is that scary? Is it scary to have a conversation? Usually not. But that's what the best speakers do. They have a conversation WITH each member of their audience, directly or indirectly. The more you can do that, the easier it gets and the less afraid you will be.

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Secret #4: Speak All "4 Languages" of Human Communication. That's right, there are 4 different frequencies, or "languages" that human beings speak, related to the 5 human senses.

Visual - bring some excitement into your speeches.
Auditory - tell it like an easy to understand story, no matter how complicated.
Auditory Digital - you have to support any points you make with enough details, facts and solid analysis, especially for those academic types who are focused on this "language".

Kinesthetic - the language that the greatest speakers use the most. No speech works as it should without feeling, genuine emotion and a human connection between speaker and audience.

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Secret #5: Authentic Passion. I'll take this one over all the rest. Ask yourself one question before you EVER write or give another speech . . .What is it about this topic that I am truly passionate? When you find the answer, go in that direction. If you don't get an answer . . . find another topic! This is the magic of Martin Luther King, the greatest orator of the 20th Century. And the really cool news . . . everyone, no matter how shy, no matter how much of an amateur at "public speaking", can shake the world like Dr. King if they can only find and let out their own "authentic passion"!

Remember, no technique, no matter how great, will ever be more important than the simplest and hardest thing we ever do . . . be ourselves! YOUR own "Authentic Passion" about your topic and your genuine desire to share it with your audience, is the greatest (and simplest) secret of the greatest speakers. Find that authentic passion, truly tap into what excites you about your topic and the words and emotions and voice tone and body language will take care of themselves.

Good Luck!
Richard Greene