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Presentations that address the potential for Environmental Solutions based on science, computer science, engineering and technology.

Sample Ideas, Service Projects and Innovations for the
2 - 3 Minute Competition Videos

Great communicators inspire people and empower them to take action. There are so many actions that you can take, to make a difference in your communities, New York and/or the world. Here are just a few suggestions of Environmental Solutions topics that might inspire YOU to create a fantastic and compelling 2-3 minute video. Feel free to talk about something that is not on this list or something that is so cool and creative that nobody has ever thought of it before!! Remember, the videos will be judged on the creativity, innovation and overall content of your "Environmental Solution" as well as your ability to integrate "The 5 Secrets" into your delivery of your ideas.

1. Create a campaign for school buses to use BioDiesel to reduce the toxic fumes that students are exposed to

2. Develop new biofuels to replace fossil fuels

3. Develop ways to make biofuels like algae or vegetable oil more economical and accessible

4. Develop a super inexpensive solar or wind powered backpack so that every one of the students in your school can afford them and use them

5. Create an "Upcycling" campaign-develop useful,viable product from "waste" material(to minimize landfill space

6. Create a "Green Roofs" campaign to reduce energy consumption in the schools

7. Invent or innovate ways for landfill methane utilization

8. Invent or innovate ways for schools to use Solar power technology on campus

9. Invent or innovate ways for schools to use Wind power technology on campus

10. Invent a system where students riding exercise bikes in PE classes can human-power blenders to make protein smoothies.

11. Create a composting program for food from the school cafeteria

12. Invent a way for space satellites to generate or reflect energy for Earth consumption

Some Resources

The Official Search Engine of The Competition: www.Bing.com

The Official Sponsor of The Technology Competition: Lockheed Martin: www.lmco.com

Video: "Fuel", www.TheFuelFilm.com

Video: "FLOW: For Love of Water" www.FlowTheFilm.com

Television Shows: Stuff Happens with Bill Nye, Planet Green

Websites: www.EcoGeek.org

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A Message from Dr. Ray Johnson, Chief Technology Officer,
Lockheed Martin Company

It is a great pleasure to sponsor "The Technology and The Environment Competition" for The New York City Schools.

As a global security company, Lockheed Martin recognizes the economic and strategic challenges posed by a dependence on foreign oil and the potentially destabilizing effect of climate change. That is why we are leveraging our more than 140,000 innovative minds in the Corporation to help address the world’s energy and climate challenges. Lockheed Martin is innovating solutions in all aspects of the energy cycle – energy generation, storage, transmission, and efficiency and management. We are supporting alternative energy generation and climate monitoring research and development, and increasing our energy efficiency through a Go Green Initiative to reduce our own environmental impact.

This competition gives the participants a chance to share their ideas, innovations, and novel approaches to solving these grand environmental challenges. We at Lockheed Martin look forward to watching each one of the Technology Videos that you submit, and we wish you the best of luck in the competition.

Creative and innovative people are vital to the future of Lockheed Martin. It is exciting to have the opportunity to interact with young people on their way to becoming future engineers and scientists. I encourage all students to continue their individual studies and choose an education filled with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. Lockheed Martin’s future and the future of the Nation depend on a motivated and well-educated workforce having these STEM skills.

I look forward to meeting the Finalists in New York City during the awards ceremony in early 2010.

Dr. Ray O Johnson
Senior Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer
Lockheed Martin Corporation